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Check out “Daisy from Comcast & I,” an animated dramatization of a recent phone call I made to Comcast.

Check me out in the new McDonald’s commercial looking sad and pathetic about my small brown bag lunch. CLICK HERE to check it out.

For the past couple of months I’ve been working alongside NGL Media to create a satirical news webisode with a Latino perspective. It’s called “WNGL News with Yamil Piedra” and you can now watch it on YouTube. So check it out and make sure to subscribe!

A very special Christmas duet with my chonga cousin, Yamisleysis from Chonga Chat! Don’t be a bitch and share it for the world to see!

Looking for clothing for your upper torso? Then get your Chonga Chat tee and more at The Pretty Rock Shop!

I’ll be performing at this MTV comedy showcase alongside a bunch of great comics at the Miami Improv on Wed, Sept 25. Come by for some laughs and hugs.

Check out the new section on my interactive comedy show “The Pretty Rock Project.” DO IT!

Check out my NEW VIDEO featuring Pitbull, Stallone, and other celebs auditioning to be the next Men’s Wearhouse spokesman. Watch, like, tweet, share, favorite, or whatever the hell else you want to do!

"Funny Yamil" turns into "Serious Yamil?" That’s right! Make sure to tune into USA Network’s new hit show Graceland this Thursday, July 18 @ 10PM to watch my serious side as I play DEA Agent Garcia alongside Serinda Swan and Manny Montana. Here’s a little fun fact about my experience on the show… once I was called to set for rehearsal, they gave me an entire new script to learn. Which I was totally cool with, cause I’m what I like to call a "professional." It was a great experience and everyone was great to work with. SO TUNE IN!

Miami New Times picks The Pretty Rock Project as a “Top Pick” for this Saturday! Check out the article, then get your tickets at HERE!